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Reflections on the Surface: reviewing the River Severn’s history
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Reflections on the River Severn's history

For centuries the River Severn has been a critically important artery of trade in the region and along its banks industries grew up which shaped Britain's Industrial Revolution.

In the last 40 years painstaking research has provided valuable insights into this fascinating navigation.

This work, based on new sources, illuminates the river's story and has recast the ways in which we think about the River Severn and its relationship to the economy of the West Midlands.

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Barrie Trinder About the Author

Barrie Trinder is best known for his studies of history in Shropshire. His most recent study, Britain’s Industrial Revolution: The Making of a Manufacturing People, was published by Carnegie Publishing in 2013.

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Reflections on the Surface: Illuminating the River Severns history Download the supplement
Reflections on the Surface: Illuminating the River Severn’s history
By Barrie Trinder
Was there a Shropshire enlightenment? Download the article
Was there a Shropshire enlightenment?
By Barrie Trinder

Fighting a Civil War in Shropshire

The English Civil War of 1642-1646 was not simply fought at the national level of major battles such as Edgehill, it was also a local conflict where the future was decided by bloody battles, sieges of regional strong points and between and within local families. These hard-fought and long-lasting local campaigns have often been ignored.

A newly published book, To Settle the Crown: Waging Civil War in Shropshire 1642-1648 reveals how the county became one of the most heavily garrisoned in England and Wales. Based on contemporary sources, it describes for the first time the true extend of military activity, the nature of warfare and how people were affected by the war in Shropshire.

To Settle the Crown: Waging Civil War in Shropshire 1642-1648 To Settle the Crown: Waging Civil War in Shropshire 1642-1648 By Jonathan Worton
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Jonathan Worton
About the Author

Dr Jonathan Worton lives near
Shrewsbury and as a military
historian he has intensively
researched the Civil War in Shropshire.
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