Save the Chance Glassworks
Chance Glassworks Heritage Trust
Save the Chance Glassworks
Chance Glassworks Heritage Trust
Object to Enforcement Appeal made by No1 Skip Hire

Please save the Chance Glassworks from another 2 years of uncertainty!

CGWHT intend regenerating the Chance Glassworks site, saving this nationally important Scheduled Monument for the nation and creating a mixed use facility for the benefit of the local community.

However, a skip hire is operating in the middle of the site preventing this major regeneration scheme from moving forward.
Chance Glass Site

The skip hire operation had appealed against an Enforcement Order issued by Sandwell Council because it is operating without planning consent. Skip hire can’t overturn the decision, but they are requesting a delay of the Enforcement Order for another 2 years!

We must emphasise that it is not our wish to see No1 Skip Hire go out of business, however they have already been operating without planning consent for nearly a year and we feel that ample time has already elapsed for them to find an alternative site.
Please help us save the Glassworks by emailing or writing to the Planning Inspectorate, Bristol, quoting Appeal Reference: APP/G4620/C/16/3161898.

Visit to the Appeals Casework Portal and enter the case number; 3161898 and follow the instructions.
The Planning Inspectorate, Bristol c/o William Stevens, Sandwell Council, Directorate of Regeneration & Economy, Sandwell Council House, Freeth Street, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 3DE
In July last year over 680 of you lodged an objection with Sandwell Council to prevent No1 Skip Hire from renewing their temporary planning consent. Your support this time will be a major step in moving this project forward

Thank you from all at CGWHT
For guidance; These are the grounds on which SMBC have issued the Enforcement Order  

  1. The proposal is contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework, and local polices, ENV2: Historic Character and Local Distinctiveness, SAD HE 1 Listed Buildings, SAD HE 2 Conservation Areas, SAD HE 5 Archaeology and Development Proposals in that the proposal causes harm to the setting of a number of listed structures and the conservation area and it is an inappropriate use for a Scheduled Ancient Monument, causing substantial harm to the heritage assets.
  1. The proposed use has been demonstrated to be non-compliant with policies ENV2 and ENV4 of the Black Country Core Strategy and with SAD policies EMP3, and EMP4 and HE1, HE2 and HE5 having failed to demonstrate the compatibility of the use with the heritage status of the site, the amenity of neighbouring land users and the canal side environment.
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