This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of the 18th Century typographer, printer, industrialist and Enlightenment figure, John Baskerville (1707-75).

Baskerville was a Birmingham inventor, entrepreneur and artist with a worldwide reputation who made Birmingham a city without typographic equal, by changing the course of type design. He not only designed one of the world’s most historically important typefaces, he also experimented with casting and setting type, improved the construction of the printing-press, developed a new kind of paper and refined the quality of printing inks.

Baskerville's typographic experiments put him ahead of his time, had an international impact and did much to enhance the printing and publishing industries of his day. Yet despite his importance, fame and influence many aspects of Baskerville’s work and life remain unexplored and his contribution to the arts, industry, culture and society of the Enlightenment are largely unrecognised.

In the first major exploration of this fascinating man and his life since 1975, Professor Caroline Archer and Dr Malcolm Dick provide an interdisciplinary approach to this important enlightenment figure.

New book
Art and Industry in Birmingham
John Baskerville

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Wednesday 1st November 2017 at 13:30 to 19:30
University of Birmingham, First Floor, The Arts Building, Birmingham B15 2TT

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Industry and Genius: John Baskerville and the Beauty of Letters

Industry and Genius: John Baskerville & the beauty of letters
Hic Jacet
The Corpse in the Crescent

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Hic Jacet
The Corpse in the Crescent

A macabre story about the death and the notorious story of the burial and re-burial of Baskerville's body. First broadcast on the Midlands Home Service of the BBC on 29th December 1947.

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