Historic Birmingham Town Hall painting 'comes home'

Original artist’s impression of iconic Birmingham landmark to go on public display for first time.

A painting of Town Hall Birmingham of national historical significance is to go on public display for the first time. The watercolour dates to 1831 and is the artist’s impression which accompanied the winning competition entry by architects Joseph Hansom (later the inventor of the Hansom Cab) and Edward Welch. It has been loaned to Town Hall Birmingham for permanent display by Assay Office Birmingham.

Town Hall Birmingham was built in 1834 and is believed to be the oldest surviving concert hall of its size in the world. It was intended as both a fitting venue for the renowned Triennial Musical Festivals as well as to serve ‘the general purposes of a Town Hall’.  

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Andrew Jowett OBE, Dr Sally Hoban, Kate Hartigan,

Thanks to:

Town Hall Birmingham, Assay Office Birmingham, The Limoges Trust, Didier Soulier, Mary Evans Picture Library