Beatrice Cadbury the heiress who gave away her fortune

Beatrice Cadbury the heiress who gave away her fortune

Learn more about the little known story of Beatrice Cadbury who was born in 1884 and heiress to the Cadbury fortune.  She grew up with all the privileges that money could buy, but her life was shaped by her families Quaker beliefs and philosophy.  She was an anti-war campaigner and Christian Socialist who believed that war was a symptom of the problems inherent in the Capitalist system, but as the daughter of a Capitalist she was inextricably bound up within this system.  In 1920 Beatrice decided to give all of her inherited shares to the Cadbury workers, not everyone held her high ideals but Beatrice pursued her vision of a fairer and more equal society.

Keywords: Cadbury, Beatrice Cadbury, Bourneville, Birmingham, Christian Socialism, Quaker, Capitalism

Two Titans, One City

Andrew Reekes

Two famous and powerful men of the late Victorian and early Edwardian era, Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) and George Cadbury (1839-1922), towered over one of the great cities of the British Empire - Birmingham. Together, they offer a fascinating window into the rapidly changing world in which they lived and the preoccupations of their...

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