Walking in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

Walking in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

Carl Chinn takes us on a walk along Frederick Street in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham.

We start at the foot of the clock tower erected by local people to celebrate one of Birmingham’s heroes, Joseph Chamberlain, on his return from South Africa in 1904. As we move along the street, Carl introduces us to the men and women whose lives were lived in the Quarter and who made it globally famous. Here are the Fattorini’s, famed makers of medals, badges and insignia and the silver factory of J.W. Evans whose workshops have remained unchanged for over a century.

The short journey ends among the fascinating exhibits of the Pen Museum where Carl meets Bob Stanyard and Colin Giles. They discuss how Birmingham’s makers produced more than 20 million pens every week in the 1870s and how these cheap but precisely engineered nibs spread writing and the written word around the world.

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Carl Chinn


Bob Stanyard, Colin Giles

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