Francis Eginton



In 1784, Francis Eginton embarked on his fourth, and ultimately most successful, career as a creator of painted glass windows.

Having previously been a partner of Matthew Boulton and John Fothergill, and chief designer at the Soho Manufactory in Handsworth, near Birmingham, Eginton was able to exploit his contacts to become the most celebrated and productive glass painter of his generation.

It is possible that Francis Eginton (1736/7–1805) saw stained glass as the coming fashion. Following his departure from the Soho Manufactory, he moved down the Soho Road to Prospect Hill (demolished 1871), where he established a series of workshops producing buckles, japanned wares and general toys. An experienced enameller and pictorial designer, he soon began experimenting with enamelling pictures onto glass.

KEYWORDS: Francis Egington, Glass, Churches, Matthew Boulton

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