Hidden Home Front: Episode 1 - Childhood Interrupted

Hidden Home Front: Childhood Interrupted

Goes into the schools, fields, orchards and homes of Worcestershire during the First World War. It reveals that children – some only 10 years old – played a vital part in feeding the country and how their lives were altered.

Also watch the series introduction with University of Worcester.

Keywords: Women, Children, World War I, Home Front, Schools, Worcestershire, Education, Maggie Andrews

In University, World War 1, Worcestershire,

Presented by:

Anna Muggeridge

Directed by:

Sean Griffiths

Produced by:

Sean Griffiths


Professor Maggie Andrews

Images Kindly Supplied by:

Imperial War Museum, Alamy

Special Thanks to:

Black Country Living Museum, David R William, Daniel Williams, Voices of War and Peace, University of Worcester

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