Hidden Home Front - Episode 5: How kitchens became battlefields in First World War

From the beginning of the First World War, Britain had great difficulty feeding itself causing hardship at home.  Despite voluntary programmes food rationing was the only solution to the crisis.

Historian Elspeth King of the University of Worcester shows how food was a critical weapon of war.

Keywords: Women, Families, Children, First World War, Rationing, Worcestershire, Maggie Andrews

Presented by:

Elspeth King, University of Worcester

Directed by:

Sean Griffiths, ICE Productions


Actors: Dan Hagley, Sean Connolly, Stephan Bessant, Stuart Wishart

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Filming Locations: National Trust Croome Park, Black Country Living Museum, Worcester Guild Hall, University of Worcester

Recorded By:

Andy Partington, Swift Productions

Assistant Camera Operator:

Gary Tanner, Sam Britton

Images Kindly Supplied by:

Imperial War Museum, Pathe News

Special Thanks to:

Series Editor - Professor Maggie Andrews, University of Worcester

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