The Story of the Great Exhibition – Part 1

The Great Exhibition of 1851 was a highpoint of Victorian Britain and its sense of Empire.

The magnificent Crystal Palace in Hyde Park became a magnet for great crowds of visitors from all over Britain including Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the Royal family who repeatedly visited. .

An expert on the Exhibition, Dr David De Haan, discusses how Prince Albert championed the original concept, helped to raise the funds and took a very active interest in the project. He also explains the social impact of the Great Exhibition and how it shaped Victorian Society.

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The Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1851: James Chance, of the glass-making firm Chance Brothers, is nervously showcasing a new lens, that, unknown to him, will revolutionise lighthouse production, propel his family business into a position of world leadership, save countless lives and have far-reaching consequences for trade, empire and the...


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David De Haan

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Written By:

David De Haan

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Andy Partington