Beatrice Cadbury - the heiress who gave away her inheritance

In this trailer Fiona Joseph gives a brief insight into the heiress, Beatrice Cadbury, a Quaker who gave away her entire inheritance of Cadbury shares to the workers as she strove for a fairer society.

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In Birmingham, Cadbury,

Two Titans, One City

Andrew Reekes

Two famous and powerful men of the late Victorian and early Edwardian era, Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) and George Cadbury (1839-1922), towered over one of the great cities of the British Empire - Birmingham. Together, they offer a fascinating window into the rapidly changing world in which they lived and the preoccupations of their...


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Fiona Joseph

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Andy Partington

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Swift Professional Audio

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Swift Professional Audio


Andy Partington

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