Inside the mind of the Mercian warrior

Inside the mind of the Mercian warrior


Chris Fern and George Speake, Staffordshire Hoard Research Project and Cathy Shingler, The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, talk to Jenni Butterworth about what the hoard tells us about Anglo-Saxon warriors and their beliefs.

They discuss:

  • How the intricate designs and high level of artistic achievement of the hoard pieces are shedding new light on the people who owned them, their beliefs and lifestyles.
  • What the weapons in the hoard tell us about Anglo-Saxon warfare.
  • Their work to understand why and how the hoard might have been buried.

KEYWORDS: Staffordshire Hoard, Anglo Saxons, Mercia, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, BMAG, Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Books, Warriors, Beowulf


Jenni Butterworth


Chris Fern, George Speake, Cathy Shingler

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